Backup your Synology DSM 5.1 encrypted to remote server with Duply and Duplicity

I own a Synology DS713+ NAS for my local TimeMachine backups and to store media files like videos, music and photos.

It is a great NAS with an intuitive and clear webinterface. But the NAS is at home. The same place where my Macs are, which backup to the Synology. If I want to have a good backup strategy in case of fire, water or Godzilla, I have to put the data to another place, outsite of my home.

I have a server in a datacenter for some projects, which will be a good target for my remote backup. Synology have some tools in the DSM for remote Backups but just for AmazonS3, Glacier or rsync compatible servers. Sure I could use rsync, but I don’t want to have my private data unencyrypted on remote host.

For the remote server i use duply and duplicity to backup important data to a remote host and i love it. Wouldn’t it be nice to use that tool combination also for Synology backups? Here is the tutorial:

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